:::::::::: The 1st Zone INT'L ::::::::::

THE 1st ZONE INT'L was established in 1998 and has extended its business to an international level with motto such as "Economic contribution to the Korean", "Priority of the human resources" and "Pursuit of rationalism".

THE 1st ZONE INT'L has acknowledged the needs to transform its management philosophy
to become more globalization-oriented and specialized in order to keep up with the rapidly
changing global and Korean economy. Even though THE 1st ZONE INT'L had has unprecedented growth for the past 5years, it must continue to survive in an era of even fiercer competition with nationally established rival companies.

Therefore THE 1st ZONE INT'L changed its corporate identity and management philosophy to
"We will devote our people and technologies to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to the better society." This motto represents our strong determination not to pursue short-term interests, but instead contribute to the prosperity of both people and society.
We know this can be achieved with "the best of human resources that have interactive and
creative minds," enabling them to fulfill their duties and to do their best to cultivating a brighter future.

We believe that the success of contribution to society and mutual prosperity of people really depend on how we manage our human resources and creativity. In order to achieve this,
we will live by the mottoes of "With our customers", "Challenging to the world" and "Creating the future".

1998 Mar THE 1st ZONE INT'L founded in Daejon, Korea
1998 Jul Mr. AN was appointed as an Export Advisor by SMIPC of Korean GOV.
2001 Jul THE 1st ZONE INT'L Co., Ltd. was founded.
2001 Jul THE 1st ZONE INT'L joined Korea International Trade Association
2010 Jul THE 1st ZONE INT'L is Designated as an Export Specialized Company 


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