Greetings from CEO

“We are striving to pursue the business of welfare in use through free trading through realization of Supply Chain Management (SCM) by excavating and understanding the needs of the manufacturers (point of origin) and import and distribution companies (point of consumption) by means of establishment of foundation for optimal offshore B2B system through international trade.”

TGCO INC- KOREA established in 1999 with the above motto, we have become a substantially more mature company specializing in international trading by implementing development, manufacturing and marketing concurrently for sustaining and growth of business through importing and exporting activities of numerous small and medium businesses at home and abroad until now.

We minimized the overall cost that can be incurred in the process of succeeding international trading deals by utilizing the minimum number of highly competent staffs and are putting in our utmost efforts to equip ourselves with the highest competitiveness in the industry by participating in all phases of business activities including development, procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and general administration.

We shall continue to put our utmost sincerity and efforts to become a beneficial international trading partner of small and medium businesses in Korea and overseas along with provision of services for the local society through free consultation for import and export as a representative “specialized international trading company” of Daejeon and Chungcheong Provinces.

Thank you.

Thomas T.S. An, Representative Director of