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It has been disclosed through a number of tests that KOREAN Ginseng extract and its saponin
elements exhibit the ability to advance intellectual performance by promoting learning function
and improving memory.

Clinical trials on human with KOREAN Ginseng proved an improvement in mental and intellectual
work efficiency. Ginko biota, known to be effective in improving peripheral circulation,
KOREAN Ginseng extract and the blend of these extracts showed effectiveness in improving
memory and learning capability when a series of behavioral tests were conducted on various animals. It was further verified that herbal medicines containing KOREAN Ginseng improve
memory damaged by alcohol and amnesia-inducing drugs (scopolamine). It has also been
confirmed that KOREAN Ginseng improves memory of spatial recognition in ageing-forced mice
(SAM P8).

* Protopanaxadiol saponins : Pacification of CNS
* Protopanaxatriol saponins : Excitation of CNS

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