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Korean Ginseng cures and prevents diabetes
KOREAN Ginseng reinforces suppressing of insulin decomposition to improve anti-lipolytic
function and concomitant symptoms of diabetes.

The triol-family saponin in white ginseng more or less suppresses the occurrence of Type 1
diabetes. On the other hand, the diol-family saponin in white ginseng delays the occurrence of
Type 1 diabetes and greatly decreases its occurrence rate. It also restrains infiltration of
lymphocyte into pancreas.

White ginseng saponin ginsenoside-Rb2 suppresses excretion of urinal albumin and also
restrains increase of the weight of kidneys and hypertrophy of renal glomerulus.

Thus, KOREAN Ginseng has historically been used as a remedial for diabetes and is still
widely used as a diabetes remedy and preventive medicine.

Korean Ginseng cures and prevents cancer

Since KOREAN Ginseng reinforces physical resisting capability of cancer patients by enhancing
their immunological surveillance function, the development of cancerous cells and their
metastasis to other organs are suppressed. KOREAN Ginseng shows outstanding efficacy in
preventing relapses following medical operations.

According to a study by Murata and associates, 69.7% of the patients showed restrained
development and growth of cancer when white ginseng extract containing a large proportion of
saponin had been administered to patients of stomach cancer, pancreas cancer, colorectal
cancer, breast cancer, etc. for extended periods of 3 to 6 months under clinical observation.

Kuyama and associates verified successful improvement of subjective symptoms, recovery
from hemateikon and suppression of cancer development.

A survey conducted on the relationship between the frequency of KOREAN Ginseng intake and
the chances of cancer occurrence showed that the longer KOREAN Ginseng is administered,
the more conspicuous is the decline in the chances of cancer occurrence. This result confirms
the nonspecific, long-term cancer preventive effects of KOREAN Ginseng.

A thesis by Professor Saiki of Toyama University, Japan, Professor Lee Byung-hun of Wonkwang
University, Korea and their associates, published in 2000, states that upon consumption of white
ginseng, intestinal bacteria metabolize the saponin as a major active ingredient, and the resulting
metabolite (IH-901) restrains cancer metastasis, represses carcinogenicity and powerfully
reinforces cell resistance against cancer.

Korean Ginseng regulates blood pressure

KOREAN Ginseng is a miraculous medicine that elevates and normalizes blood pressure of
hypotensive patients while lowering and normalizing that of hypotensive patients.

Ingredients (Rg group) conducive to blood pressure elevation and those (Rb, Rc group) conducive
to vasodilatation coexist in white ginseng. Overall, they work to normalize blood pressure.

Administration of KOREAN Ginseng to hypotensive patients lowers both diastolic and systolic
blood pressures and reduces low-density cholesterol in the blood of hyperlipemia patients.
KOREAN Ginseng not only brings about improved lipid metabolism to elevate high-density
cholesterol, which plays a useful role in cholesterol metabolism, but also improves functional
deterioration of endotheliocyte resulting from hypertension. As saponin ingredients in ginseng play
a fundamental role in lowering blood pressure, it is recommended for better effects to take larger
quantities of white ginseng extract whose saponin content is high.

With its vasodilatation effects, KOREAN Ginseng relaxes the tension of parasympathetic nerves,
when needed, to normalize the balance of nervine autonomic, which accelerates blood flow and
aids smooth supply of blood to the brain with resultant remedial effects for hypertension.

Korean Ginseng cures and prevents arteriosclerosis and hyperlipemia

With its vasodilator function, KOREAN Ginseng is effective in improving blood circulation,
suppressing the occurrence of arteriosclerosis and protecting endothelium from damage.

White ginseng saponin accelerates the enzyme activities associated with metabolism of lipids,
including fat and blood cholesterol. It prevents formation of atheroma resulting from hyperlipemia
within aortic tissues. It also promotes cholesterol turnover to subsequently improve hyperlipemia,
a critical risk factor of arteriosclerosis.

Saponin ingredients (especially Rb2) of white ginseng help lower the content of blood cholesterol
and accelerate excretion of excessive cholesterol. They are effective in preventing vascular
disorders resulting from high cholesterol level in blood. Improvement of arteriosclerosis index
through decreased LDL-cholesterol and increased HDL-cholesterol has been confirmed.

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