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Korean Ginseng helps maintain homeostasis of physical functions

Dr. I. I. Brekhmann, a Russian scientist, states that the pharmacological activity of KOREAN Red
Ginseng is rather mild, and that, unlike synthetic medicines, it works on the control mechanisms
of the body and thus exhibits adaptogen activity which maintains the homeostasis in physical

The fundamental medicinal effect of KOREAN Ginseng is in promoting nonspecific resisting
capability within an organism.
KOREAN Ginseng heightens the overall resisting capability of an organism to reinforce its functions.

KOREAN Ginseng normalizes blood pressure, lowers blood sugar for diabetics and improves
physical and mental performance to maintain homeostasis of physical functions.

Korean Ginseng augments vigor

KOREAN Ginseng has widely been used as a nutritious tonic since ancient times. It helps raise
kinetic capabilities. Ginsenoside Rb1 and Rg1 are known to prevent decline in sexual acts and
deterioration of learning capability.

Clinically, ginseng either improves or prevents causes of the majority of impotence, such as
diabetes, hypertension and ageing. It improves peripheral circulation through telangiectatic
actions in circulation system and decreased peripheral resistivity.
Involved in the relaxation of cavernous smooth muscle, a vital part for penis erection, is
endotheliocyte relying factor (EDRF), which is known to be a nitric oxide (NO). KOREAN Ginseng
involves itself with EDRF within vascular smooth muscles and accelerates separation of EDRF
to cause relaxation. It directly contributes to successful penis erection by reinforcing EDRF (NO)
of endotheliocyte that leads smooth muscle relaxation of cavernous.

Thus, KOREAN Ginseng improves sexual function disorders of males. In particular, it is quite
suitable for impotent patients as it presents no side effects. Actual clinical administration to
impotent patients is being rewarded with good results. KOREAN Ginseng enhances basic
physical strength and acts as a modulator to demonstrate a cordial effect. It is also highly effective
in curing male infertility.

Recently, a study result has been reported that KOREAN Ginseng prevents diabetes-related
deterioration of erective power and helps keep integrity of the function. This efficacy is known to
be attributable to the antioxidation effect of KOREAN Ginseng. Since KOREAN Ginseng cures
impotence with no side effects, it can righteously be seen as a godsend for impotent males.

Korean Ginseng protects liver and cures liver disorders

KOREAN Ginseng is active in synthesizing RNA, serum protein and bone marrow DNA. It contains
a protein synthesis stimulating factor called prostisol that accelerates protein synthesis within an
organism. When KOREAN Ginseng saponin is administered into abdomen following partial incision
of two thirds or more of the liver, the rate of liver regeneration increases, and liver regeneration
speed is accelerated as the number of liver cells increases.

When KOREAN Ginseng is administered to an animal group inflicted with acute medicinal
poisoning, the activities of serum enzymes, e.g. S-GOT and S-GPT, associated with liver
function return to normal and liver cell damage is alleviated. This demonstrates that KOREAN
Ginseng definitely contributes to the recovery of normal liver functions.

Professor Sakakibara reports that KOREAN Ginseng saponin prompts biosynthesis of cholesterol
and decomposition metabolism in liver.

White ginseng accelerates protein synthesis and lipid metabolism. Since it suppresses liver
damage, detoxicates liver, accelerates regeneration of liver cells, and has anti-hepatitis property,
it is useful in protecting liver and curing hepatitis.

Korean Ginseng prevents and cures stomach disorders

Methodical and powerful stomach pulsation was observed when KOREAN Ginseng extract was
orally administered to a rabbit whose abdomen had been punctured.

Gastric ulcer was significantly restrained as a result of improved blood flow in gastric mucous
membrane, as was later identified, when KOREAN Ginseng extract was administered to male
cats empirically inflicted with various gastric ulcers in order to test usefulness of KOREAN Ginseng
for gastric disorders.

When gastroenteric movement is observed via X-rays following a month of continuous
administration of white ginseng to human, expedited movement of intestinal contents can be
observed. Thus, white ginseng accelerates intestinal movement.

When KOREAN Ginseng is administered to a patient with gastric ulcer resulting from excessive
alcohol consumption, the sugar part of acid polysaccharides exhibits positive effect.

KOREAN Ginseng not only directly strengthens stomach function but also relieves people of various
stresses, which in turn protects stomach.

Korean Ginseng alleviates hang-over

KOREAN Ginseng reduces the periods of time for inducement and continuation of, and recovery
from, alcoholic narcotism, while it normalizes changes in liver cells, including fatty metamorphosis
and accumulation of glucogen, caused by alcohol intake.

KOREAN Ginseng increases the activities of aldehyde dehydrogenase, alcoholic dehydrogenase
and lactic acid dehydrogenase and protects liver from the harmful effects of alcohol.

White ginseng prompts protein synthesis and lipid metabolism. G-Rg1, a major saponin ingredient
in white ginseng, accelerates genial generation of hepatocyte enzyme protein and detoxication
process, protects liver from damage and accelerates liver regeneration and recovery. Thus, white
ginseng is effective in prompting alcohol detoxication and recovery from hangover, while it has
anti-hepatitis property and is useful in the remedy of hepatitis.

Korean Ginseng helps recovery from fatigues

Rg1, among others, exhibited anti-fatigue effect at all tests when white rats were subjected to
forcible exercise by means of vibration for tests of recovery from fatigue. It has also been reported
that every primary saponin in KOREAN Ginseng, e.g. Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd, Rf, Re and Rg1, showed
anti-fatigue effect when each was administered to white rats.

When KOREAN Ginseng was clinically administered to taxi drivers suffering from various stresses
and fatigue, an improvement in drowsiness and languidness, mental concentration and overall
fatigue was observed. This implies that as KOREAN Ginseng effectively reduces labor-induced
fatigue and improves overall physical conditions and mental functions, it is effective in preventing
stresses and fatigue from industrial work, housework and studying.

Korean Ginseng is effective in clearing stresses

When KOREAN Ginseng is administered to empirical animals subjected to such physical stresses
as coldness and X-rays, increased resisting capability and decreased mortality are observed.
It shows anti-stress effects, including restraint of stress-induced decrease in ascorbic acid,
decrease in cholesterol and suppression of eosinophil increase

Clinically, when KOREAN Ginseng was administered to nurses being subjected to stresses from
night shifts, anti-fatigue and cordial effects were observed, while high blood sugar reading
resulting from stresses returned to normal.

With its sophisticated regulation of mental or physical stresses under all circumstances to which
the moderns are exposed, KOREAN Ginseng is an excellent gift of nature that possesses
outstanding capability to relieve stresses and maintain homeostasis of an organism.

Korean Ginseng fights aging process

KOREAN Ginseng restrains harmful action of activated oxygen which plays an important role in
involutional change of tissues. (Seoul National University Medical College Journal, 1984).

Antioxidatory activity was confirmed in triol-family saponins among saponin ingredients and
polyphenol compounds among non-saponin ingredients when antioxidation activities of KOREAN
Ginseng ingredients were measured through deoxidation by using a free radical called DPPH.

Saponin ingredients were found to have restrained generation of hyperoxidated lipid and further
decomposed generated hyperoxidated lipid when enzyme activity was measured following
abdominal administration of KOREAN Ginseng ingredients.
Anti-ageing ingredients are present in saponin and its hydrolysates among white ginseng

Since sustained administration of white ginseng over a prolonged period of time is more effective,
it is desirable to use white ginseng on a regular basis for successful maintenance of health and

Korean Ginseng improves blood circulation

Professor N. D. Kim of Seoul National University compared the regression of contractibility of
excised hearts from two groups of rats: one that was given ginseng and the other that was not.
The professor confirmed that the hearts of the rats given ginseng showed longer contraction than
the hearts of those that were not given ginseng (Journal of Pharmacology, 1982).

Professor Shimamoto reported a presence of cardiotonic property in KOREAN Ginseng saponins
which escalates heart activity to subsequently enhance blood circulation.

Dr. Kaneko administered KOREAN Ginseng to 30 male and female patients (45 years old on average)
suffering from arteriosclerosis, diabetes, low blood pressure, and liver cirrhosis. The result was
satisfactory recovery from such subjective symptoms as headache, heaviness in the head, flatulence, coldness in hands and feet, loss of appetite, dizziness, muscular arthralgia and fatigue,
without any side effects.

Korean Ginseng reinforces immunological function

KOREAN Ginseng exhibits adaptogenic activity, which reinforces body capability to nonspecifically
resist various stimuli responsible for diseases of human body.

KOREAN Ginseng extract escalates resistance to infection by intracellular microbes. This is
attributable to KOREAN Ginseng's nonspecific enhancement of cell tolerance.

The immunity effect and immunity accelerating effect of KOREAN Ginseng promote basal
metabolism, increase serum protein, change the fraction of serum protein and increase the
number of hemocytes, while its anti-cancerous ingredients directly suppress proliferation of cancerous cells and indirectly contribute to the reinforcement of defensive capability and
immune mechanism of the host.

Korean Ginseng cures and prevents anemia

White ginseng has historically been known to aid the generation of blood and help blood circulation.

It has been reported that administration of KOREAN Ginseng to rabbits inflicted with anemia of
hemaxis prompted recovery from anemia. It has also been reported that KOREAN Ginseng
accelerated formation of erythrocytes in normal rabbits

Administration of panabolide, separated from KOREAN Ginseng and administered to amenia
patients, showed significant effects on hypochromemia and inveterate amenia following stomach

Administration of prostisol, an effective ingredient of KOREAN Ginseng, to amenia patients who
had shown no results from various remedies showed significant effects on rheumatism,
tuberculosis and senile amenia, while improving subjective symptoms and alleviating arthralgia.

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