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Korean Ginseng resists radioactivity

Administration of KOREAN Ginseng against radiation injuries exhibited effects of prompting
recovery of hemateikon and splenial weight. The most valuable factor contributing to the recovery
from radiation injuries has been the improvement of thrombocyte cells.

Clinically, oral administration of saponin for a month to breast cancer patients exhibiting high fever
from exposure to strong radioactivity showed such affirmative results as febrifuge, recovery of
appetite, increase in the number of white cells and normalization of hemateikon.

Korean Ginseng restrains proliferation of AIDS viruses

We might say that AIDS is "the pest of 20th century" or "God's punishment." In September, 1992, Dr.
Y. O. Shin and his colleagues at Korea National Institute of Health stated in their report, "Effects of
KOREAN Red Ginseng on AIDS,Ħħthat KOREAN Red Ginseng was effective against AIDS when
treated with AZT.

Generation of tolerance to ZDV was restrained in HIV-infected patients who had long been taking
KOREAN Ginseng.
As a result, CD4+ cell number was either maintained or increased. Thus, prolonged use of
KOREAN Ginseng improves prognosis on HIV-infected patients.

Korean Ginseng fights environmental hormone toxicity

KOREAN Ginseng mitigates the toxicity of environmental pollutants, harmful substances for
endocrinium, and improves the quality of sperm cells.

KOREAN Ginseng saponin is an active substance that can successfully block toxicity,
reproductive toxicity in particular, caused by TCDD, a powerfully impeditive substance for

IH-901, a metabolite of KOREAN Ginseng saponin, blocks out testicle toxicity.

Korean Ginseng detoxifies heavy metals

A survey on the detoxifying effect of KOREAN Ginseng against administered cadmium (Cd)
revealed that the weight which had been decreased as a result of Cd poisoning recovered.
Administration of KOREAN Ginseng to acute toxication patients showed reduced accumulation
of heavy metals, accelerated urine-borne excretion of heavy metals, lowered GOT and GPT
activities and increased density of metallothionein.

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