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Ginseng saponin

The first thing that comes into mind when thinking about KOREAN Ginseng is saponin. KOREAN
Ginseng has the most affluent variety of saponin. Its composition is so exquisite that no other plants
of Panax family come close to it. So far, some thirty different kinds of saponin, named ginsenosides,
have been identified, that are further divided into diols, triols and oleananes according to their
structural characteristics.
These are known to have different medical effects. The content of saponin in ginsengs grown in
other countries is higher than KOREAN Ginseng, but their saponins are limited to about 4 to 15 kinds
and have very limited medicinal effects when compared to KOREAN Ginseng. Unique in white
ginseng are saponins of malonyl-ginsenosides, e.g., MG-Rb1, MG-Rb2, MG-Rc and MG-Rd.
Red ginseng specifically contains such saponins as G-Rh2, G-Rs1, G-Rs2 and H-R4.

Polyacetylene compounds

More than 10 different polyacetylene compounds have been identified in KOREAN Ginseng. Some
of these are known to suppress proliferation of cancerous cells and exhibit antiplatelet and
antioxidation activities.
Analysis of polyacetylene ingredient contained in ginsengs from various countries revealed that
KOREAN Ginseng excels in its content by approximately 30-60%.

Polyphenol compounds

There are many polyphenol compounds in KOREAN Ginseng that suppress lipid hyperoxidation
and help restrain ageing process.

Acidic polysaccharides

It has been reported that Polysaccharides containing proteins of biophylaxis function and
polysaccharides of anticomplementary activity were identified from KOREAN Ginseng. Acidic
polysaccharides have been identified to restrain the activity of toxohormone-L, one of the lipolysis
prompting toxins, and to reinforce immunological function. Comparison of acidic polysaccharides
contents reveals that KOREAN Ginseng is much superior to western or Chinese Sanchi ginsen

( Unit: O.D. at 525 mm )
KOREAN Ginseng 0.30
American Ginseng (Hwagi-sam) 0.20
Chinese Ginseng (Sanchi-sam) 0.21
[ Comparison of acidic polysaccharides content in ginsengs of various countries ]

General Ingredients

The contents of general ingredients, e.g., protein, crude fiber and sugar, in KOREAN Ginseng are
higher than those in ginsengs of foreign sources. Moreover, the contents of adenosine, one of
nucleic acids, and total amino acids, especially of threonine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine,
alanine, cystine and lysine, in KOREAN Ginseng are higher than those in ginsengs of other

Medical action

( Unit : kind )
  KOREAN Ginseng Hwagi-sam (American ginseng) Sanchi-sam (Chinese ginseng) Bamboo-sam (Japanese ginseng)
  red ginseng white ginseng
Total kinds of saponin 30 23 14 15 8
Panaxadiols 18 15 9 6 6
Panaxatriols 11 7 4 9 4
Oleananes 1 1 1 - 1
[ Comparison of saponin in ginsengs of various sources ]

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