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Most precious medicinal herb, Korean Ginseng

The first record of prescription of ginseng as a medicinal herb appears in Shen-Neng
Pharmacopoeia(AD456-536), and during the Koryo Dynasty(AD918-1392) it was renowned
as the best medicine with miraculous potency. Since then, it has been called Korean Ginseng,
which means ¡®Ginseng from Koryo¡¯. Especially, ancient Chinese emperors strove to find a
medicinal herb with miraculous virtue in the high mountains and secluded valleys.
Korean Ginseng was the most precious herb to them.

Ancestor¡¯s belief in Ginseng

The efficacy of ginseng which has been proven by modern medicine was much more
mysterious to ancient people, together with veiled ingredients and its human shape.
It was actually used for blood nourishing and as a tonic. At the same time it was called
a cure-all and was believed to be a miraculous medicine, a source of eternal youth. Later,
ginseng is referred to by the scientific name Panax Ginseng C. A. Meyer, after a Russian
botanist Carl Anton Meyer, of which ¡®pan (all)¡¯ combined with ¡®axos (medicine)¡¯ means cure-all.

1000 years¡¯ history of cultivated Ginseng

In spite of simmani¡¯s endeavor to find ginseng in mountains, the growing demands for wild
ginseng could not be fulfilled. Due to the acute shortage of wild ginseng, people eventually
started to sow ginseng seeds and cultivate them. That was 1000 years ago from now.
At first, the seeds were planted in the mountains. However, the cultivation was very difficult,
for ginseng is a semi-shade plant particular about soil and climate; its stems growing in the
shady place are very thin and weak so they can be easily attacked by insects and blights;
further, it is a perennial plant growing exceptionally slow, compared to other plants.
Nevertheless, the steady research on cultivation methods under the heaven-blessed climate
condition for ginseng enabled the mass cultivation in the field in 1900¡¯s. Then, the cultivation of
ginseng began across the country in Korea.

The name for the best, Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng has been renowned to Western Europe as well as in Asia including China,
Japan and other neighboring countries amid active international exchanges crossing the
boundaries among countries. Further, owing to the reputation for efficacy of ginseng, more
people in countries such as China, Japan, the United States, Canada and Nepal are cultivating
epigones of ginseng. However, the pronoun for ginseng is Korean Ginseng planted in its
original soil, at the most suitable field, with the oldest history of cultivation, for the best quality.