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Even a seed from the same root couldn¡¯t grow into Korean Ginseng if not in Korea
Ginseng is a plant particular about soil, influenced much by soil and topographical condition.
Korea, the home of Korean Ginseng, is located in 36 to 38 latitude of Korean Peninsular with
oceanic climate most suitable for ginseng cultivation.

¡°That¡¯s the reason why the same Korean Ginseng planted in other countries grows into
completely different ginseng.¡± The question also answers why besides Dr. Mok Sung-kyun,
who has studied the superiority of Korean Ginseng over last 20 years, many ginseng farmers
and specialists in this field take pride in cultivation of Korean Ginseng and regard their job as
a calling. Nevertheless, not all Korean land is suitable for ginseng cultivation.

Within Korea, an area with most suitable soil, topography and climate is selected first, and the
cultivation relies only on the traditional intensive method, compared to extensive methods in
America and China.

¡°Though, there are some parts introducing mechanical scientific farming, we still maintain the
traditional farming method as our ancestors did. It¡¯s another feature of Korean Ginseng that
farmers elaborate for ginseng together with soil and topography, which produces Korean
Ginseng distinct from any other ginseng in the world.¡±

The core of ginseng cultivation is to raise a big root with well-balanced parts. Korea tries to
keep up the high quality of the world-renowned Korean Ginseng in the pertinent coordination
of the traditional organic farming method and the modern scientific method under favored
natural condition for ginseng cultivation.

Production area for ginseng in Korean peninsula can largely be classified into white and red
ginseng cultivation areas.

Major cultivation area for 6-year-old ginseng plant includes Kanghwa, Pocheon, Chonkok,
Kimpo, Yongin, Anseong and Suhsan.

Recently, we are searching for new unpolluted fields from demilitarized zone (DMZ),
Packryeong Island and Haenam in Cheonam Province.

On the other hand, production area for 4-year-old ginseng plant is mainly distributed in Kyunggi
Province, Kumsan, Pungki, Jinan, etc.