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What is TG-EX ? What is TG-EX ?
TG-EX is concentrated up to 95 % with some specified ginsenosides (Rg3, Rh2, Rb2, Re, Rd) that are very effective at anticancer, improvement of immunity and glycosuria, augmentation of vasodilatation, blood circulation and cerebral circulation.


Specialty of TG-EX
TG-EX is developed by Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology under the Korean ministry of Science & Technology. The process to make TG-EX maximizes its physiology vitality effects and mass-produces 30 various ginsenoside ingredients that exist only in the pure Korea ginseng by enzymatically hydrolyzed method with "beta-glycoside" (enzyme that dissolve sugar selectively). The test result on the cancer anti-multiplication shows it's 20 times stronger at fighting hepatoma and breast cancer cells and 70 times stronger at fighting stomach cancer cells than Korea ginseng extract. This technique has advanced much further than existing similarity technologies in the world.


Diabetes Prevention and Treatment
TG-EX contains plenty of triol ginsenoside, diol ginsenoside and ginsenoside-Rb2, which take effect on the diabetes prevention and treatment.
Triol ginsenoside of Korea ginseng helps cure type 1 diabetes outbreak.
Diol ginsenoside of Korea ginseng delays and diminishes the outbreak of type 1 diabetes. And it increases insulin content in the pancreas and blood and decreases lymphocyte's infiltration of pancreas.
Ginsenoside-Rb2 suppresses urinary albumin excretion, weight of kidney and glomerular hypertrophy.
The above mentioned clinical test result announced by Prof. Jun-seong Jo of Kyungpook University, Prof. Okuda of Ehime University, Dr. Aymamodo of Nitsei hospital and Dr. Yosida of Yawattahama general hospital.


Useful effects of TG-EX G20

Increase Energy $ Stamina

   Reduce Fatigue & Stress

   Improve Immunity


For men especially

  Cure of the hangover

  Improve Sexual function

  through the treatment impotence


For women especially

   Prevention osteoporosis

   Improvement women climacteric symptoms.


For children especially

 Improvement learning ability

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