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Six-year-old fresh raw ginseng was carefully selected, washed thoroughly with underground water, steamed, sun-dried and pressed into a wooden-made pine tree box. Therefore, it can be stored as long as 10 years without denaturing its active ingredients and losing its pharmacological activity. Inside of the root flesh is very compact, well-balanced shape and free from diseases related to plant pathogens.

Interestingly, Taiwanese people prefer the older products and pay more with pleasure to buy the older one because they believe the older root contains greater amount of anti-aging compounds.

1) Heaven¡¯s grade: the best among the best ginseng root
2) Earth¡¯s grade: the second grade root, slightly inferior to the Heaven¡¯s grade root.
3) Good grade : third grade root, inferior to the earth¡¯s grade.
4) Cut root : small cut to help consumers take it more conveniently.
5) Sliced root : thin slice comfortable to carry and easier to take.

We have been exporting Korean Red Ginseng Root products of Korean companies.
We also export White Ginseng Root and Fresh Ginseng Root.

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