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1. Korean Red Ginseng Liquid Drink
Korean Red Ginseng Liquid Drink is ideally mixed antlers extract, royal jelly, honey, chitosan, linh zhi mushroom extract and red ginseng extract(highly extracted saponin). To increase effects and make easy drinking, it is mixed with pure pear juice not mineral water. Generally the drink product use mineral water.

2. Korean Ginseng Drink
Korean Ginseng Drink helps increase physical strength, attenuate hangover, and so on.
We recommend this drink to such people as students who are preparing for university entrance examination or those who are working at a severely stressful environment.

3. Korean Red Ginseng Slice
Korean Red Ginseng slice, which is a 100% rich Korean Red Ginseng added with honey and oligosaccharide, is a superb product gone through perfect hygiene maintenance.
You will also enjoy its chewy and unique taste and smell of Korean Red Ginseng on top of its contribution to your health.

4. Korean Red Ginseng Soap
Korean Red Ginseng Soap containing great components from high quality Korean Red Ginseng does not irritate your skin at all, helping your blood circulation and perspiration. It always maintains your healthy and silky skin. In addition, the soap revitalizes your skin through providing and balancing nutrition and convergence. It also promotes your muscle contraction. So, you can always have healthy and soft skin

5. Other product
Powder, Candy, Cookie of Korean Ginseng and Korean Red Ginseng, Linh zhi mushroom, Linh zhi mushroom powder, various kinds of medicine by IL-YANG Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

We have been exporting above products of Korean companies. We also export other various kinds of product.

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